What’s Being Said

 What’s Being Said

From Our Members And Volunteers

"It is my pleasure to commend 1 BLESSED ORGANIZATION' for the compassion and assistance I have received when I needed it the most. The volunteer and your staff in Camarillo have been remarkably helpful and always with a smile of encouragement."

"With many genuine thanks to all you good volunteer 1 BLESSED ORGANIZATION'. You offer wonderful help."

"Dear Ones, You picked up my spirits, you made them soar, a pretty girl delivered, to my door, a red rose with baby's breath, I adored, a divine Valentine was mine, from a 1 BLESSED ORGANIZATION volunteer; who is sublime and kind"

"We would like to donate this $100.00 and thank your agency's volunteer for the time she shares with our Aunt and Uncle. Living in Illinois, we are so thankful for the services your organization can provide."

"It great to know that you (the CAREGIVER Volunteers) are here!"

"Keep up the good work!"

"Thank you so much for volunteering. I have emphysema & a clogged artery. 1 BLESSED ORGANIZATION is from heaven!"- Charlotte- Homebound, Frail, Elderly Senior

"The doctor reduced my medications because of improvement, when the doctor asked me "Why do you think your high blood pressure is reduced?" I answered "because of 1 BLESSED ORGANIZATION. They have given me a friend, a loving friend who has given me comfort."

"Thank you for your help in finding a volunteer to help me with my yard upkeep. I really don't know what I would do without him during this time, while I am going through chemotherapy. He is such a nice person."

The list is ENDLESS and beyond words, with all you have done to help us!! We could go on & on forever…. And from the bottom of our hearts we are so grateful!!!"- The Thorpe sisters- Homebound, Elderly Seniors

"Dear Student Crew, Thanks for all the great help, things really look neated-up! Plus the great lift I get from having young and spirited company around! Keep up the good work!"

Quotes from Student Volunteers:

"I think the elderly are cool because they experienced a lot and we can learn a lot from them." -Nick, Foothill Tech

"This program is really nice. You get to help & meet others. I also got to experience more with the elderly. It is a great way to get involved with our community."- Su, Buena High

"I think it's well organized and has a lot of good people involved in it and is a fun way for me to also earn community service hours." - Claudia, Buena High

From a High School volunteer…"I've enjoyed all of the days I volunteered through 1 BLESSED ORGANIZATION and I am extremely grateful for the many ways it helped me to grow over my high school years." St. Bonaventrue High School

"I like the program a lot."- Alexis, Buena High

"This program really cares; it doesn't just rush through visits. We try hard to do a good job. Everyone is dedicated!" -Elana, Ventura High